Catherine Carter Miller's thoughts

"Remembering For Both Of Us" is written with so much love. I regret that I did not know Charlotte Wood's husband. They obviously had a beautiful life together, and I suspect that when she was writing and remembering, it brought him close to her once again.
My mother had altzheimers, and I am aware of the frustrations of loved ones attempting to cope with such a confusing and unfair disease. The worse thing is, you are robbed of having discussions of incidents that have happened in the past, especially the ones that used to make you laugh.

It is so nice to see a book that attempts to help a child to grasp, if not totally accept, what is happening to someone close to them. 
Knowing how baffling altzeimers is to an adult, it is surely extremely hard for a child to understand. 
May God bless you Charlotte Wood for the loving and patient care you gave your beloved husband, and for taking the time to share some of your memories with us.

Catherine Carter Miller