Walk To End Alzheimer's

Dear Friends:
November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and it will be here before we know it. During this time, we must pull together more than ever to deliver a fatal blow to the threat of Alzheimer’s! This dreaded disease affects over 5 million victims and their families, and it’s time to stomp it out.
Join me and thousands of others in raising Alzheimer’s awareness and press for its elimination. Based on personal experience, my book, “Remembering for Both of Us”, is a story about a child’s first glimpse of Alzheimer’s and a reminder that ties of the heart transcend age and illness. It’s a story to be shared about understanding what can often be a confusing and difficult time for everyone, especiallychildren.
Alzheimer’s must be attacked from many angles. Research is crucial but expensive. Treatment and care giving for the disease are very costly (physically, financially and emotionally), as well. Families and communities suffer from the pain Alzheimer’s causes, and therefore understanding and coping is necessary for healing. My book is a resource that can help with understanding; in addition, a percentage of the proceeds from its sales will be donated to the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s. My goal is to get this book in the hands of families everywhere whose lives have been touched by this illness. Anything
you can do to help me in this mission will make a difference!
Your generosity will be much appreciated. I dedicate my efforts to my late husband, William“Bill” Wood, and his twelve-year ordeal with Alzheimer’s.
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Charlotte B. Wood
Book Prices: Paperback- $12.00 + tax; Hardback-$18.00

Place order, or make donations, please contact Charlotte B. Wood at 804-272-3826;
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Doctor Spector's Thoughts ...

Charlotte Wood has continued in her quest to diminish the suffering of the family members of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease by crafting her second book.  Remembering for Both of Us is both educational and lyrical. It flows thru time and allows the reader (or listener) to be a part of a difficult but necessary process.

I think this book will become an integral part of reducing the trauma that all ages experience. I will make it a permanent fixture in my waiting room so that all those who wish can partake in Mrs. Wood’s wisdom of experience.

Paul Spector, D.O.



Calm, Reassuring and Heartwarming

Remembering for Both of Us:  A Child Learns about Alzheimer’sprovides a calm, reassuring and heartwarming message for young and school-aged children, about not only Alzheimer’s, but even more the important the values of patience, kindness, respect, and family love and caring.  CharlotteWood’s story paints a helpful picture of how our families can cope with this baffling disease, the importance of Grandmom seeking respite so she can enjoy her grandmother role, the value to Bill/Papa of having his own “break” with adult day staff who can help her add meaning to his days. Dennis Auth’s beautiful illustrations gently capture and enhance the emotional tone of the book.  A must read for families navigating their way as caregivers together.


Lory L. Phillippo, MPH, OTR/L

CEO, Circle Center Adult Day Services


Catherine Carter Miller's thoughts

"Remembering For Both Of Us" is written with so much love. I regret that I did not know Charlotte Wood's husband. They obviously had a beautiful life together, and I suspect that when she was writing and remembering, it brought him close to her once again.
My mother had altzheimers, and I am aware of the frustrations of loved ones attempting to cope with such a confusing and unfair disease. The worse thing is, you are robbed of having discussions of incidents that have happened in the past, especially the ones that used to make you laugh.

It is so nice to see a book that attempts to help a child to grasp, if not totally accept, what is happening to someone close to them. 
Knowing how baffling altzeimers is to an adult, it is surely extremely hard for a child to understand. 
May God bless you Charlotte Wood for the loving and patient care you gave your beloved husband, and for taking the time to share some of your memories with us.

Catherine Carter Miller

Merla G. Joseph, MD thoughts

Dear Charlotte,

It is my great pleasure to offer my wholehearted endorsement of your book,” Remembering for Both of Us”.  It is truly a heartwarming rendition of a very difficult disease process.  Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease, affecting the victim and their family and friends.  Your thoughtful and gentle description of the impact that it had on your husband and your granddaughter truly captured the essence of this most difficult disease and its progression.  It robs one of so much. It is encouraging that you and your family have found a way to share its impact on you and to further enlighten others. It was a joy to read your and Tasha’s story.

I would recommend it for all children as we know in the coming decades, the incidence of this disease is only going to grow.  I look forward to a cure.  In the meantime, the love and care demonstrated by you in this story will help young children and families as they deal with this illness.... I wish you much success as you endeavor to educate others about Alzheimer’s Disease.


Merla G. Joseph, MD