Calm, Reassuring and Heartwarming

Remembering for Both of Us:  A Child Learns about Alzheimer’sprovides a calm, reassuring and heartwarming message for young and school-aged children, about not only Alzheimer’s, but even more the important the values of patience, kindness, respect, and family love and caring.  CharlotteWood’s story paints a helpful picture of how our families can cope with this baffling disease, the importance of Grandmom seeking respite so she can enjoy her grandmother role, the value to Bill/Papa of having his own “break” with adult day staff who can help her add meaning to his days. Dennis Auth’s beautiful illustrations gently capture and enhance the emotional tone of the book.  A must read for families navigating their way as caregivers together.


Lory L. Phillippo, MPH, OTR/L

CEO, Circle Center Adult Day Services