Merla G. Joseph, MD thoughts

Dear Charlotte,

It is my great pleasure to offer my wholehearted endorsement of your book,” Remembering for Both of Us”.  It is truly a heartwarming rendition of a very difficult disease process.  Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease, affecting the victim and their family and friends.  Your thoughtful and gentle description of the impact that it had on your husband and your granddaughter truly captured the essence of this most difficult disease and its progression.  It robs one of so much. It is encouraging that you and your family have found a way to share its impact on you and to further enlighten others. It was a joy to read your and Tasha’s story.

I would recommend it for all children as we know in the coming decades, the incidence of this disease is only going to grow.  I look forward to a cure.  In the meantime, the love and care demonstrated by you in this story will help young children and families as they deal with this illness.... I wish you much success as you endeavor to educate others about Alzheimer’s Disease.


Merla G. Joseph, MD